Why focus on NLP for Equestrian sport?

I’m passionate about 2 things in my life, my dressage hobby and my NLP training and coaching, so it’s a no brainer for me to combine the 2 and double the enjoyment.

It’s taken me a while to come to this conclusion, it seemed wrong to enjoy work so much!!

As an NLP Master Coach I’ve developed Sandra Edwards Consulting over the last 6 years working with people to get their personal and professional lives back on track and I believed this was my business plan.

Then I started to help riders who had confidence issues and whose lives had got in the way of their riding and competing beliefs.

Opening up a whole new way of thinking, to show a rider how to excel in their chosen sport, or how to overcome those paralysing nerves is what gets me out of bed in a morning.

I love simple, practical, logical methods, whether riding, teaching or coaching, NLP allows me to communicate easily with all levels of rider and show them how to change those unhelpful behaviours in a straightforward, easy to understand way.

Now, as a trainer of NLP I can teach riders and coaches this fantastic technique, experiencing the full life changing programme for themselves whist studying for an internationally recognised professional certification.

From power hours to the full NLP Practitioner Certification browse the website or contact me direct to learn more about how you can change your thinking and become totally successful.