Who can benefit?

Leisure Riders

Everyone should be able to enjoy their equestrian hobby at the level and pace they want to.

Too often I hear leisure riders getting pressurised to go further than they want to or being told that they are wasting a good horse.

I work with riders at all levels to give them the confidence to enjoy their hobby at the level they want to and how they can learn to ignore the critics and know alls

Very often our busy lives and work-life balance can get really out of balance our general well-being can have a huge impact on our relationship with our horses. 1:1 coaching can re-set your life and remove all those negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back in all aspects of your life.

Competitors at every level

It’s good to have a little bit of nervous excitement before a competition, it gives us motivation and a release of adrenaline to up our game.

Too often we put so much pressure on ourselves to perform that we end up paralysed with anxiety, end up over riding or becoming a passenger which affects our performance and results.

NLP is about excellence. Having the right mindset is 75% of successful competitors.

learn how to develop focus and self belief, how to banish that nagging self talk.

From short workshops and webinars right through to full NLP Practitioner Certification start your journey to excellence here.

Coaches and Trainers

Add to your coaching qualifications with an NLP Practitioner Certification.

Learn how to coach your clients through those crisis of confidence moments at the same time as accessing the best personal development training you could imagine.

Develop excellent communication skills

Get the best out of your clients and watch your reputation for getting results grow, become the go to coach of choice.