Change how you think to create the success you crave

Sandra Edwards is a certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming and an experienced personal development coach who understands the equestrian world.

I combine my passion for riding with proven personal development techniques to help individuals conquer self-limiting beliefs and achieve personal and sporting success.

There’s nothing I love more than seeing a client absolutely smash it in the ring!

My Qualifications

I’m committed to continuous personal development and advancing my professional qualifications.

  • Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Master Coach and Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy
  • British Dressage accredited coach
  • List 2 British Dressage judge
  • Accredited Para and RDA judge
  • Associate, CIPD

My equestrian and NLP journey

“I love how art and science combine to showcase precision and performance in a dressage test ”  

I began riding as a child and enjoyed success with my local Pony and Riding Clubs. After graduating, I competed in dressage events on my Dad’s horse, Jay. Coached by the inspirational Olympic judge and international dressage trainer, Stephen Clarke, and other exceptional trainers, we worked our way through the levels to the dizzying heights of PSG. I was hooked! 

In my mid-20s, a judge’s comments really knocked my confidence and I almost gave up competing. A wonderful lady coached me through my confidence issues and restored my faith and belief in my own riding ability. The same lady encouraged me to move up to PSG. 

During my crisis of confidence, a curiosity to learn the criteria behind the judging of dressage tests inspired me to qualify as a BD judge. I now judge regularly at BD premier league, regionals, area festivals, Pony Club, Riding Club, RDA and para national championships, always looking to be as encouraging and positive with my comments and continually learning from higher level judges. 

I discovered NLP in my NHS learning and development role and loved it so much that when I left the NHS, I trained as an NLP coach practitioner. I began working with groups and coaching one to one helping people achieve their personal goals and make the breakthrough to success. It wasn’t long before I qualified as a Master Practitioner and trainer of NLP to support even more individuals on their journeys to becoming who they want to be.  

What is NLP?

Everyone has a different view of the world. The way our mind interprets events determines our response.  

NLP is a model of communication that allows you to work with your unconscious mind to re-programme unhelpful patterns of thinking. It’s an instruction manual for the mind that can take you on the journey to becoming who you want to be


You may have all the technical ability and knowledge in the world, but it’s your mindset that puts you on the path to success. NLP gives you the power to achieve excellence at any level – in business, in your personal life, or as an elite level competitor.  


NLP techniques can benefit anyone in any walk of life, and it’s particularly successful in the sporting arena because it helps you to:

  • Develop a positive mindset
  • Release negative thoughts and emotions
  • Manage the pressure of expectation and competition
  • Remove nerves and anxiety
  • Restore confidence and self-belief
  • Recover from disappointment and negative feedback
  • Achieve work / life balance

Certified Practitioner and Master Practitioner NLP training

Once you discover NLP, you’ll be curious to learn more. As a Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, registered with the ABNLP, I’m qualified to train to both Practitioner and Master Practitioner level.

This is intensive learning that can accelerate your personal path to success and achievement, or ensure the success of your clients. Each programme combines pre-study distance learning with interactive face-to-face group work where we turn theory into practise – leading to an internationally recognised professional certification..