Training Courses

If you are curious to discover the power of NLP and its practical application for riders and coaches, I offer three levels of NLP learning:

  • Introduction
  • Practitioner Certification Training
  • Master Practitioner Certification

Read on for details of all three courses and how I can tailor sessions to meet individual and group objectives.

Insights into NLP for Coaching Excellence

If you could become really successful by changing the way you think, how amazing would that be?

This half day interactive workshop introduces the basic principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming to equestrian and sports coaches.

You can learn:

  • The secrets of effective communication.
  • How to influence and accelerate the success of your clients.
  • How our thinking is intrinsically linked to our behaviour and how to change limiting self talk and build confidence.
  • The principles of the mind — body connection and how to apply them.
  • Effortless ways to set and achieve goals for yourself and your clients


Applicable in all areas of life and especially effective in sports coaching, NLP is the essential learning that can accelerate your path to personal and professional success. If you’re curious about NLP and its numerous benefits, Insights into NLP is for you.

Discover the power of the unconscious mind for yourself.


Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Certification Training

An innovative and highly flexible approach to competitive riding and coaching that fits around your life

This is an intensive training programme for riders and coaches comprising of comprehensive pre-course distance study followed by four days face-to-face learning.

This training will help you to:

This is the essential learning that can accelerate your path to personal success and professional development and also ensure the success of your clients. On graduation you will become a fully certified Practitioner of NLP accredited with the American Board of NLP.

How the training works

1. Once we receive your booking and deposit, we will send you the pre course study pack, which is included in the cost of your training. Early booking is advised to give you plenty of time to complete it.

The pre-study pack contains:

A comprehensive course manual

An excellent supporting text book

A comprehensive course manual

An excellent supporting text book

Link to a full audio experience of the entire practitioner content

An open book learning worksheet via email to be completed and submitted prior to attending the face to face course

Worksheet assessment and feedback

2. You can contact your trainer for advice and guidance at any time during the pre-course study.

3. Once you have completed you pre-study learning worksheet to the required pass rate standard you will attend the four day face-to-face training in person or via Zoom, where you will put all you pre-course learning into practice.

This is where the magic happens!

Join me for this interactive training course and learn the theory and practical applications of NLP. You’ll be working on real life issues to get the best possible results for you.

Total investment £900 Easy payment available, a deposit of £300 followed by 6 monthly instalments of £100

NLP Master Practitioner Certification

The next exciting step for NLP Practitioners.

Discover quantum thinking and take your understanding of the mind-body connection to another level.

This training will show you how to:

> Use quantum linguistics with elegance in advanced negotiation and mediation techniques.

> Design and deliver impactful trainings where learning is easily absorbed.

> Model excellence of an expert, install that behaviour in yourself and teach it to others.

On completion, you will graduate as a Master Practitioner of NLP fully accredited by the American Board of NLP.


1. On receipt of your booking and deposit, we will send you a pre-study learning pack with a comprehensive manual and open book test which you must complete and return at least one week before your face-to-face sessions begin.

2. You can contact your trainer for advice and guidance at any time during your pre-course study.

3. Once you have completed and passed your open book test, you will attend 7 days of face-to-face training where we put theory into practice and bring your learning to life.


Bespoke events

Tailored learning and development events are available for riding clubs, livery yards, camps and equestrian organisations.

Whether it’s for personal or professional purposes, groups or individuals, I an tailor events to suit all your development needs.

From one hour tasters to lecture demos and  full day practical training, please contact me to discuss your needs.

Recent events include:

  • Katie Amos Original Equine Camps at Aintree: 1:1 taster sessions
  • STS Equine events, day camp, one hour confident rider workshops
  • RDA Wales, a series of Zoom sessions as CPD for regional coaches
  • Coleg Cambria, Lecture demo putting theory into practice
  • British Dressage, confident competing and communication and confidence building for coaches webinars