May the Fourth be with You

It’s Star Wars Day!!

Feel the Force of NLP Practitioner Training

Do you ever feel like there’s some kind of strange force influencing your life? A force that, no matter how hard you fight, you can’t change how it impacts you. And you can’t move on in life until something changes.

Your life-affecting force could be a negative thought, a bad experience, a self-imposed barrier or self-talk that’s stopping you doing what you love most. Most of us experience some form of blockage in life, and where there’s a blockage, there’s usually a feeling of frustration. Deciding it’s time to remove the blockage is a brave first step, so what comes next?

As C-3PO might say, “I suggest a new strategy”…

Learn NLP as a transformation strategy and achieve your dreams  

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a coaching technique used by people all over the world to achieve their goals by changing the way they think. It builds focus, confidence and a positive outlook that’s crucial for success in life, work and the sporting arena. You may already be familiar with this transformative technique and the possibility of training to become a Certified NLP Practitioner .

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In the meantime, if you’re in any doubt about what NLP involves, let’s take a look at how it works with the help of a few faces from a familiar Hollywood franchise. Note to non-fans, you don’t have to love Star Wars to follow our analogy!

The Force represents the unconscious mind

Remember those blockages and barriers we talked about earlier? Those live in your unconscious mind. In the movie, the Force is a universal energy that controls what people think or do, just like the unconscious mind. Characters use the Force to control thoughts and actions, and move objects. I can’t promise you that becoming a Practitioner of NLP  will help you move objects with your mind, but it does remove blockages and allow people to move on with their lives. It’s a true Force for good.

Darth Vada in the role of negative or self-limiting beliefs

Darth means Dark Lord, or in this analogy, the dark side of the human mind. These are the bad experiences and negative thoughts that live in our unconscious mind and they’re the ultimate bad guy. They stop us achieving our goals in life. The good news is, Luke comes along on his mission to turn evil to good with the help of his trusty lightsaber.

Luke Skywalker stars as the student

Or YOU, to be more precise! Luke is raised being protected from the dark side and the huge potential of the Force. Following the tragic loss of his aunt and uncle, Luke is keen to learn how to harness the energy of the Force and use it to do good in the world. He sets out on his learning adventure, supported first by Obi-Wan Kenobi and then by Yoda, to unlock his powers, defeat evil forces and help others become stronger.

Sandra Edwards in the role of Yoda

Yoda is the wise old Jedi Master who trains Luke to channel the Force and teaches him to use a lightsabre to transform people’s lives for good. Yoda is me, your NLP tutor and enabler, here to pass on my wisdom and knowledge, except I’m not 900 years old, nor green (and with much smaller ears).

Once you become proficient in NLP, it’s a bit like having a baby Yoda sitting on your shoulder all the time. Imagine being able to tap into such a reassuring presence when you feel stuck. Then, just like Yoda, you might choose to pass on what you have learned to others.


Neuro Linguistic Programming masquerading as the Lightsabre

In the movie, Luke learns to use a lightsabre to deflect attacks and defend himself against those using the Force for evil gain. Even when his vision is obscured, Luke uses his mind to wield his lightsabre and cut through the darkness. With his lightsabre at his side and knowledge of the Force, Luke feels confident that negative energy and evil forces cannot and will not hurt him.

Channel your inner Force to do good for you and others

While I can’t promise you will unlock the path to everlasting life, NLP will transform your thinking and equip you to cope with any challenge the universe sends your way. Like a Jedi Master, with NLP training you will find you become stronger than most.

If you feel ready to star in your own Hollywood Blockbuster, visit our booking page  and reserve your spot with Yoda.

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