Leisure Rider

Julie came to me having just got a new horse and struggling to get going with it, so far as even just getting on gave her panic attacks.

Talking with Julie I found out that her previous horse had suffered from kissing spine syndrome that hadn’t been diagnosed until she had bolted several times and given Julie some nasty falls, completely destroying her confidence.

Julies new horse was a lovely steady mare who would totally look after her and unfortunately Julie couldn’t put her previous experience behind her, it had got so ingrained it had turned into almost a phobia of getting on.

Julie attended one of my confident rider workshops and with some other NLP techniques to remove the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that were holding her back, Julie was able to re-focus on her new horse and move forwards with enjoying her riding again.

I had a lovely message from Julie:

“I just had to let you know I took Iris out for a hack all by myself this morning. Your course has definitely helped. I only walked up the road and back but a definite step in the right direction. Thank you lots for all of your help. I’m starting to look forward to riding rather than dreading it.”