Hit the ground running in 2023

What a busy year, the time has just flow by after 2 years of nothingness.

Looking forward to 2023, how would you like to get a head start on your goals? Do you just re-visit your new years resolutions that failed last year or would you like to create goals that are meaningful and with the right guidance, easily achievable?

I’d like to share with you a powerful example of what NLP goal setting can achieve, this is a message I received from Kerry a few months after we had worked on her limiting beliefs and created a vision of her future aspirational goal:

“Sandra, a few months ago when you worked with me I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t see the future part in the timeline ‘right’, and I think I filled you in on the part where the horse from the picture (pony, actually, which is quite hilarious ) found her way to me. The future picture I saw was in an arena with flags and I didn’t recognise it at all. But I could smell the wax on the surface and it was so vivid.

Well here’s the actual image I saw absolutely everything. I smelt the wax I wanted to say thank you because I knew I wasn’t going there to win and I didn’t care! It was a personal achievement. The poor pony is popping round a prelim at home having left her Machno mountain less than a year ago -but we found ourselves in the 5 year old final trying to navigate things I haven’t taught her yet. She was a dream to take and I had a blast.

The kind of show I would have normally backed down from would have been a walk in the park in comparison I cried when I came out because of the personal achievement of just having done it, and I said a little thank you to you in my head so thank you very much for helping me I am super grateful ! X

It’s a massive thing for me in terms of just how much my mindset has changed ! I was beating myself up about whether I should be going to regionals in February- by July I’m warming up with the greats and heading into the Hartpury arena without a care in the world ! xxx”

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It’s never too early to plan for the future. Get ahead of the game in 2023. Dare to dream and learn how to convert those dreams to achievable goals.

Remember, “A dream that stays in your head will always be a dream”.

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